Traffic Generation Methods That Don’t Work

There are traffic-generation methods I feel are a complete waste of your time. Many beginners to the ecommerce world use these techniques. That’s only because they don’t know any better. They’ve never read this report. But luckily you are reading it. Heed what I say here because the following traffic generation methods bring very little to no valuable traffic.

Posting in Newsgroups

When the Internet was young, newsgroup posting was the way to go if you wanted to build traffic to your site. Back at that time, back in 1993 – 1994, this was considered a top-notch method to build traffic. There weren’t too many other ways to build traffic back them.

But now things have changed. Newsgroups are really the last place you want to go to build traffic to your site. I’m mainly talking about the “unmoderated” newsgroups were ads are acceptable. These newsgroups are filled with people who have some “get-rich-quick” idea to peddle or some product of little to no value to sell. No one goes to these newsgroups to read the ads you play there. People simple flock to these places to place ads of their own. And when everyone is placing their own ads, you can be certain they ain’t reading your ads.

Want proof?

Just go to one of these unmoderated newsgroups. Look at the posting. Do you see anyone replying to any posts? Probably, you see very few people replying to anything. People don’t use the newsgroups to get information. They only use them to place their ads. No one their wants to read your ad. Plus, the newsgroups have a heavy concentration of old-time netters. These people are very cost conscious. They spend money on almost nothing unless they feel they can get a whole lot for a nickel. It doesn’t make any sense for you to advertise to people who don’t want to spend money.

One more thing about newsgroups…

Spammers use the newsgroups to collect email addresses. When you post to newsgroups using your email address, you run the risk of a spammer grabbing it and selling it to other spammers.

Posting to Free Classified Ad Sites

This is another waste of time. People don’t go to free classified ad sites to read ads. They go there to post ads. So your ad most likely won’t get read. However, posting to a free classified ad site is better than posting to the newsgroups.

Free classified sites are free because the owners of the site want to send you a confirmation email about your posting. And, of course, the confirmation always has a sales pitch inside for their products and services. Owning a free classified ad site is just a way to collect email addresses so you can sell your goods.

However, there are a few good classified ad sites. These normally cost you money if you want to place an ad. The owners of these sites use this money to market their classified ad site to drive traffic to the site so people can read the ads at the site. Posting to free classified ad locations is only worth while if you are able to place your ad in THOUSANDS of sites each week.

Do you have the time to post to THOUSANDS of free sites each week?

Renting a Opt-In List or Email Addresses

Some beginners to ecommerce think the way to build traffic to their sites and sell their products is to rent an opt-in list or to purchase email addresses on CD-ROM. The people who sell these methods tell you that the email addresses they have want you to sell them something. They tell you that the email addresses they sell were given to them voluntarily by the owners.


Most of those emails were stripped away from newsgroups and free classified ad sites using email stripping software. The people who have their email addresses stolen are unaware that their email address is being sold for a profit. And, then you come along and send them some invitation or sales message to visit your site.

Guess what happens next?

You get reported to your ISP for spamming and then your ISP takes away your Internet access privileges.

Not good business.

You should never purchase email addresses on CD ROM. You just never know how those addresses were collected. You should never purchase opt-in lists either for the same reason. The only time you should use an opt-in list is when the list owner will be sending out the advertisement to the list themselves. You shouldn’t be doing the mailing. If an ezine publisher has a list that they have built, just give them your ad and let them do the mailing. The only time you should be doing your own mailing is when YOU have built the list yourself.