Using Email to Build Your Online or Local Business

If you own a local retail store or local service business where customers come into your office or shop, you’re going to love this report. I’m going to show you how to maximize your current customer base and improve sales by using NON-spam email.

Every business needs to have a great website, but for this you don’t even need a website to do what I’m going to show you here. This method is so simple, but overlooked by most local business owners, that when I explain this simple system to you, you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t think of it sooner. Best of all, you can start using this system TODAY.

If you’re running a local business of any kind:

  • cleaners
  • pet supply shop
  • hair salon
  • grocery store
  • lawn service
  • window washer
  • ice cream shop
  • dentist
  • personal trainer
  • transmission repair shop, etc…

…you should be using email RIGHT NOW to increase your profits.

Let’s say you own a local hair salon, for example. Obviously no one is going to go on the Internet looking for a hair stylist. People will not type the words “hair salons” in a search engine to find a local hair salon. So what you should do is maximize the income potential of every local customer that does frequent your establishment.

Here’s what you do: When a customer is paying for their service and they come to your register, make sure you collect their contact information. You want to get their first name, last name and email address logged into your database. I’m sure next to your cash register you have a computer where you could easily enter this information. If you don’t have a computer next to your cash register…GET ONE!

Or you could simply write down this information on a sheet of paper to be transferred to your database later on. If the concept of a database seems to complex, just enter the information about each customer in a simple text file. The text file should look like this:


That’s it! If someone asks you what you need this information for, tell them it’s for your “preferred customer list” to tell them about specials being offered at your establishment before the general public hears about them.

Don’t say “mailing list.” No one wants to be on some old, impersonal, stuffy “mailing list.” But a “preferred customer list” sounds more valuable. Which would you rather be on? I think it’s pretty obvious.

Do this for EVERY customer that comes through and leaves your doors. What you’ll notice is that after doing this for a month, you should have a few hundred or a few thousand email addresses of customers. Now that you have their email address and name, you can contact these people as often as you like by email for FREE. Instead of sending postcards, letters or paying someone to call past customers about new products/services or specials that you offer.

You can simply send them a small email notice FREE!

This is NOT spamming. These people have given you permission to email them. After all, they voluntarily gave you their email address. They have used the products or services of your shop. They love what you sell. Yes, they will be happy to hear from you by email. They will consider this EXCELLENT customer service interaction.

So what you do next is whenever you have a new product, service or special you want to announce – first hit your “preferred customer” list with and email announcement. This should help you generate some quick cash for your business.